After Birth Abortion

So, I have been hearing about this idea known as After Birth Abortions. If anyone knows me, I am more or less a pro contraceptive (including morning after) pro lifer who supports a mothers right to choose if and only if the mothers mortality chance is exponentially higher and or if the child is dead inside the womb. But the concept…….the idea of aborting a child a few minutes after birth is depraved. “Oooohhhh might be a threat to the families well bein?” GUESS WHAT? EVER HEARD OF ADOPTION? For fucks sake. Seriously. I support sellin the kid to good people if ya cant raise the kid or givin it up for free. Happened to me, and though I went into a bad situation, my birth momma did give me a safer life than she could have given. There is no justificiation in any way you can support ethically after birth abortions. And, if ya do, take a seat; examine your morals and figure out you are advocating for undeniable murder.


Austrian School was always Anti Fascist.

I keep hearing claims from communists (of all breeds) to socialist that the Austrian School of Economics is fascist. If any of you do not know what the Austrian School is, it was an Economic theorem school started by Carl Menger of Austria. Now, one of the best known proteges of Menger was Ludwig Von Mises. Mises and his protoges were around the time Italy and Germany were falling into fascism. One of the students of Mises even debated one of Hitler’s best economists. That greatly infuriated Adolf. Because Mises was a Jew and a vocal opponent of National Socialist view of Economics, Hitler personally wanted the Austrian School gone. Well, Ludwig, Hayek and the others escaped to America so they wouldn’t end up in the concentration camp. They formed the Mises Institute and it became the new base of operations for Austrian Economics. Now, later on a new member of Mises Institute came forward with a new school of anarchism, Anarcho Capitalism. Now I do think Murray was foolish on using that term but oh well, splitting hairs. See, Mises was originally a conservative. But he had a very interesting point about the right. They do hide their neo fascism behind claims of individualism and freedom. Any Austrian who is willing to use fascism is not an Austrian. They are rejecting our core principles of economics. Libertarian fascists fuck off.

American Gun Control and Discrimination

So, you have probably heard about why we need to regulate weaponry. Well, what if I told you similar arguments have been used over a century ago but were using arguments against race, sexual orientation and gender identity?

What if I told you weapon regulation primarily hurts marginalized groups? Let’s start off after the civil war? Did you know that gun control was used on free slaves? They argued that free slaves would use such weapons recklessly? How about in 1930s New York City Jews were barred from firearms as it was believed they would murder the local brown shirts? Or remember when the amazing NRA who totally defends our right to arms help draft the NFA of 1934? Regulations upon explosives, sawed off long arms and automatics? Granted we cannot tie it too closely to discrimination outside discrimination of the individual. But, back in the 80s, Reagan, the NRA posterboy banned open carry after Black Panthers were patrolling their regions to fight crime? These are good historical examples of racism and gun control being hand in hand. How about the effects? Gun regulation and the war on drugs are quite connected which I will write about later; but because of these both they have greatly harmed innocent people? Places with strong gun control also tend to have more people of color arrested for just owning a firearm to defend themselves because they are too young, the gun is not registered or the guns violate either federal or state laws? Gun regulations tend to more often than not hurt people of color and not just any group of POC. The ones who are in poverty of some sort. These laws so far show to be both classist and racist!

How about homophobic/Transphobic? Back when homosexuality and transgenders were banned back in the 1900s and even for awhile afterwards were, if know to be open about it were barred from carrying a firearm in self defense because….well funny enough the because is my last example fo a group harmed…..they were barred because they were mentally ill according to the law makers.

Now, when I say “but they’re mentally ill! They might hurt someone or themselves?” To which I respond in two sections. Statistically speaking, a diagnosed Person is less likely to harm another person than an undiagnosed person, but on the flip side those diagnosed have a stat of assault cases against them 10x higher! Mentally ill people are in danger of all who are undiagnosed stat wise! Now, on your remark about them harming themselves. To get this out of the way I only have no issue with suicide in the case where it’s a horrible death or one of your choosing. If you’re on your deathbed from cancer, and ya want to end it early? I honor that move. But, in cases of mental illness like, for example depression, I am the type of guy to stop ya someohow which….yes I know is in violation of natural law to the extent I may go. But I understand suicidal tendencies. I get them alot also. I have had a few attempts but never followed through. But, who are you dear advocate, to say I am not allowed to take my own life if I so choose to do so? You are not me. You are not in charge of me. You do not own me I own myself. The state making it where suicide illegal in some way is in violation of all’s natural rights. Granted I am borderline hypocritical with other people. I will readily admit my instinct is to stop someone with force. But even if I did…..it would not be right. The ethics would not change if I failed to follow an objective truth. Any of us saying that we will imprison someone because they may be a threat to themself is immoral and quite honestly horrific. I did a small 72 stint against my will in the mental ward one time based on a misunderstanding and the police deciding to just bring me in etc. First off I was cuffed. When I made it to the hospital was in a cold room in only my underwear and robes till I got to the mental hospital. It aggravated me and I was given a drug that they claimed was a medication. I used to take but this one doped me up beyond compare as if I was on opiates again. Then the entire time in the ward I socialized but only to get myself out of there. I tended to end up on my own reading a book. I was terrified. I still have an issue going to a hospital for any reason and my anxiety has increased as my depression also has. Those nice safe friendly prisons? It was scarring. The setting was scarring. What the medication did was scarring. Even when the psychiatrist I saw in the ward said I didn’t have to take medication I only agreed to one and almost got held for longer for refusing another medication I did not want whatsoever. So, if you want to imprison someone for having suicidal symptoms, in all honesty you can go to fucking hell. I’m not the only who’s been scarred by those places because people are scared for that person. You are more of a problem than suicide is.

An market anarchist to anarchists in Anti Fa

So, this is an open letter to Anti Fa, especially those who are not the ones who participate in the assaults and riots. First, I want to commend all anti fa members who do work for their communities. Thank you for taking up burdens others would not. In all seriousness, it brings a great smile to my face to know that you all are willing able and are helping those in great need. I also want to tip my hat to the Anti Fa members who have sat down more or less with me and discussed both Anarchism and Praxis. I am always down for those conversations even if we disagree. But. Now I am down giving praise. As we speak two major anti fa have been charged for racial hate crimes. Anti Fa has assaulted an elderly Jewish man because they thought he was a right winger. How about when an Anti Fa associate used a godamn bike lock on people they were arguing with? When the protests become violent AF acts similarly to the black shirts. It is not effective in any manner, has caused literal violence against minorities even putting minority people’s lives in danger! When the violence escalates…in the end act worse than even the NatSocs and I shouldn’t have to point this out! It gives Anarchism a terrible name, it makes more statists and hurts those you wish to protect more than anyone else. Seriously. Guys. Stop your shit. There are times for violence but not your manner. It’s utter chaos. It is normally not in defense hut aggression. Violence should never be done unless you are facing a legitimate threat to.your being.

American Fascism

America is undoubtedly fascist whether we argue from the classical meaning of fascism aka extreme patriotism, or compare the economic structure to Italy under Mussolini; it is hard to deny the fascism rampant in this nation. On the first part, we have seen extreme patriotism for over a century when we started to act as.proto imperialists by waging war after war and forcing those opposed to join. A prime example is when in WW1 where anti war advocates and anti draft advocates were imprisoned for speaking against the draft and or the war. Or how about nowadays? We follow Keynsian economics which has brought us to the corporatist hellhole we have today. Wanna know a fun fact? Mussolini loved corporatism as he viewed it as the beginning of his ideal fascism. Combine the corporatism with major Civic nationalism and we are in a legitimate fascist nation. How about the arguments for the wall from the 45th President of the United States of America? Let’s look at.it……..just like the left he made claims not backed up by factual stats, used a few examples and spotlighted families of victims or survivors and cherry picked incidents just like March for Our Lives. He argues like the Democrats but on different issues. He doesn’t argue from reason he argues from fallacious claims and emotion.

After Birth Abortion?


Little Billy is so annoying, like most cute eight year old’s can be, but today mama just can’t deal with him anymore. So she pulls out a shotgun and blows his head off. While this is more of a strawman more or less of what after birth abortion is, why stop at a few minutes after the child is born. I mean why not just wait until the kid moves out.

We can argue the abortion argument some other time, it’ll give me another blog to write. The idea that once the child is born you can kill it goes against the child self autonomy. As a huge advocate of children’s rights, the right to life is one that they have. Once born they are no longer inside the mother and if she’s not happy, the idea she can just murder them, shows that this mother is a psychopath.


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